Katarzyna Styczynska

I am a mum to the prettiest and cutest boy in the world... but so thinks everyone of us right? That is why we usually don’t hesitate and go all the way to give our little ones a bit of luxury. Sheepskin products have all the best features the nature could come up with.

Due to the specific structure of the natural fibre it is much more resistant and long lasting that synthetic fibres. If properly cared for it will last for years. It helps babies soothe and relax. Many parents say their little ones have slept the first night through on a sheepskin! Its temperature regulating features ensure the most comfortable nights.

Sheepskins are naturally self cleaning and soil resistant. This means they do not need frequent cleaning. Moreover the wool contains lanolin which is a naturally antibacterial! Sheepskin also repels mildew and dust mites making it a good choice for allergy sufferers. Wool is a natural thermal insulator. The air trapped in between fibers ensure minimum heat loss in cooler temperatures. In warm temperatures sheepskin absorbs perspiration making the baby cool and happy. All this means that the it helps maintain the body temperature even and keep your little one comfortable in all seasons.

Katarzyna Styczyńska-Soczka